Recently, I and my family visited Palma de Mallorca island. I was a bit sceptical towards the weather in May, as I thought 24-25 degrees doesn't sound too hot, but I have booked the holiday anyway. We arrived at the airport about 2 am in the morning, shortly after that, the coach picked us up and we were on our way to the resort. The journey felt like it will never end, they said it approximately takes 75 minutes, however, it took more than 2.5 hours to reach our destination.

Shortly after our arrival, we've been welcomed by the gentlemen at the hotel reception. Warmly, he has explained everything, where we can find our rooms and when breakfast will starts in the morning. We were rushing into the rooms and went to sleep straight after, roughly at 5 am.

We woke up just after 8 am, which normally would never happen however I feel like when I am on holiday I just can’t wait to explore the surroundings. My family joined us afterwards and we headed down for breakfast, plenty of food to choose from, fresh fruits, pastries, cooked food, champagne and everything you can think of.

We have stayed in a resort at Cala Ferrara not far from Cala D’or, during our stay we have explored the whole town, the marina and the close cities too.

Watching the sunrise early in the morning, getting lost in the middle of the city, jumping from the edge of the cliff, boat tour, snorkelling at the national park, we did it all. I was amazed by the water, it clearly reminded my when we have visited the Caribbean Island - Dominican Republic, only this time we only had to travel 1hr and 45 minutes with the plane.

The water was extremely clear and see-through, blue, green and turquoise colours with amazing greenery. I couldn't ask for more. Blue skies for all week, no clouds, amazing atmosphere, friendly people, not to mention the great food.

Remember at the beginning I said I was afraid to book this holiday?

I can assure you I have made the best decision. Not only the weather turned out to be amazing and hot, but all other things were great too, the hotel, the city, the whole holiday, everything.

Sadly we had to leave after a week, but Mallorca stays in my heart for sure.

Soon I will be back, that's for sure.