In October 2010 we arrived in the UK with big dreams and even bigger fears. Not knowing anyone, leaving families and friends behind, it was just a two of us.

We had to go through a lot, at age 19 we had no choice but to man up quickly. Finding the first job was not easy but we made it. We made many friends but at the same time, we lost a lot too. Circumstances change and with time we change too.

This year in October will be our 7th year here in England. No regrets what so ever. This country, the opportunities made us who we are today, however after all this time ... we had enough.

Recently becoming a British Citizen made us realise that is so much more out there, spending 7 years in one country felt like forever. We felt stuck... (in a good way) We had good jobs, a nice car, a nice house to live in, no mortgage, no loan everything was just perfect.
BUT not for US. We want more!

They say:

Life is unpredictable and you never know what is coming next. Don't ever get too comfortable. Always be ready to change

Slowly made our minds and decided to leave England, not sure for how long, and we are not even sure where to go first but that makes it even more exciting.

We want to travel, to see the world and experience the unknown.

End of September is the date when our contract on our house is running out and there is no coming back...

What will happen now? Not sure... we have to sit down and start planning.

Definitely something exciting and new is coming in our way.

Photo Credit
by Rawpixel