It's crazy, right? - I know!

Yes, we are doing it. After living in England for 7 years, its time to move on and start something new. The biggest challenge to accomplish is to leave the old and boring(everything else) behind.

There is two type of items: The one to keep & The one to leave

And it all needs to fit into a single backpack. Having thousands of clothes (even some with the tags on) plenty of shoes, even more bags do not make this easy. I have to select EVERY single stuff that I owe and make the biggest decisions whether to keep it or leave it?!

Worst nightmare right?

Whenever I think about travelling it gets me so excited that I can not wait to get rid of everything. Some days I feel like I don't need anything...let's just go. On other days I want to hang onto everything I have. So many memories and also the money I spent on the items makes me want to keep them forever. However I know when I will be travelling I won't need that fancy red high heels that I love so much, or I won't need a 26th pair of shoes either. We want to minimise the stuff that we bring along to the trip, as we need to carry it all along the way. Our gears are already very heavy (I mean our laptops, camera, chargers and all other stuff) so our clothes and shoes need to be as light as possible. Obviously, we will leave some of our stuff at different places, such as where we sleep or stay, but mostly we will carry our expensive stuff with us the whole time.

You don't want your laptop or camera to be taken...ever

We will organise insurance on all our stuff but even when the gear can be replaced... pictures and videos can not.

What will we need?

(Not the exact list...)

  • Light clothes (depends on the location)
  • Laptop (We have one each)
  • Camera (1 camera body & 2 lenses plus charger and SD cards)
  • Power banks
  • Sleeping bags
  • Basic Toiletries (suncream, bug repellant and basic stuff)
  • Passports & Visas
  • Money (Some local currencies but we will use money cards and credit cards on the way)
  • Vaccines
  • and a lot of courage

I haven't started to write the full list just yet which is a bit worrying knowing it's already July and we are leaving in the beginning of October.

Plan a lifetime adventure

There are so many things to sort out before we go

  • I need to visit our GP to contact them regarding all the vaccines we need.
  • Need to get a travel insurance which is good for Nomad type of travel.
  • We have to get gear insurance
  • Check out all the Visa requirements
  • Write down all the places we want to visit
  • Start planning A to B destinations
  • To tell the family about our crazy idea (Maybe this will be the hardest - ha! )

And much much more...