Have you ever been to this beautiful city OR is it still on your "Bucket List"?

The best way to get to know the city is by living there, even for a week or two you will quickly pick up the "London vibe". Are you fancy a short City Break just for the weekend? Or you would prefer a week away from home. I can promise you will never feel bored.

The city is awake day & night

To start your day I would strongly recommend the famous "Full English breakfast" with a cup of Tea. Most of the pubs/restaurant will have it on their menu. Choices from the basic breakfast to all the way to vegan or vegetarian options too.

Great places to visit for breakfast:
Patisserie Valerie Wetherspoon Pubs Giraffe Restaurant

The best thing is to wander in the city, by walking you will always discover places that you would never find while sitting in a cab or taking the tube. There are plenty of options to travel however, there are plenty of city bikes (you can easily rent them out, all you need is your bank card nothing else) - They charge a set fee for a day (around £2 rent fee) and after they charge you by the time you spent taking the bike out. The first 30 minutes is free and after they charge per hour. (Tip As there are bicycles in every corner I would recommend to change your bike/bikes every 30 minutes as by doing this you can actually use it for FREE)

Alternatively, hop on a bus or take the tube - find a copy of the travel sized map in every tube station or train station.

You have to see the full London Tube Map (it's crazy)

You can download the full map through this link Tube Map

Places to visit while you are in London
(I don't want write about ALL the usual tourist attractions like: The London Eye or the Big Ben - you heard about them before for sure)

I want to talk about the hidden gems - like Camden Town (a great market, street food & shops)or the Borough Market (It is one of the largest and oldest food markets in London). Do you want to look around secondhand shops to find a great bargain? I am strongly recommending Hammersmith, Shepherd's Bush, Clapham Junction, Stratford or Pimlico. They are a bit out side of the city - like zone 2-3 (roughly 10-30 minutes commute depending of the transportation what you choose)

If you are suffering from a good shopping fever - definitely have a look around in Oxford Street, Old Bond Street, don't leave out High Street Kensington or any of the mall either - Westfield Shopping Centre (Stratford or Shepherd's Bush) Selfridges (Oxford Street) Harrods (Knightsbridge).

Don't forget to see China Town, Soho, Covent Garden, Piccadilly Circus while you are in London.

The list is endless to be honest, you can not name all the great places to see or all the food you should try.

I would recommend, just to change your mindset - even for a day and enjoy London as the brits do! Feel free to do whatever you want, try their beer eat there world know food and enjoy every minute of it.